Web User Interface
and Content Designer

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My design process is rooted in the message rather than colors and fonts. Whether you need a site for a new project or an overhaul of an existing site, take a look at my services below or contact me to learn more.

Copy Editing and Revision

Does your site start with "Welcome to..."? If so, you’ve lost the most valuable real estate on your homepage. Every word should strive to make a connection to your visitors. I'll review text on your site and follow the principal of "cut it in half, then cut in half again" – leaving you with clear, concise copy that resonates with your audience.

Hierarchy and Usability Review

Think of your navigation menu like the aisle signs in a grocery store — they can't list every product, but the categories are universal enough that most shoppers can find what the are looking for. After a preliminary review of content, I'll often recommend a change in the navigational structure, creating a proper spot for all your content, both now and a few years down the line.

Design and Branding

A website's design should accomplish three goals:

  1. Evoke the emotions associated with your brand
  2. Present information in an obvious, easy-to-digest format
  3. Appeal to the eye of the user, engaging them to browse further

You'll find that many of my designs are simple, letting the message be the star and using graphics to accent key concepts.

Coding and Development

If you already have a design in mind, I can make it appear on screen. I'm an expert at taking ideas and making them a reality using semantic HTML and CSS - the building blocks of what you see onscreen. I follow the latest industry standards as they develop, optimizing each site for easy, low-cost updates. You can rest easy knowing your investment will provide reliability in an rapidly-evolving digital landscape.

Other Services

In addition to the basics, I can add on all the bells and whistles you expect from a modern website, including: